Pain Salve with Broad Spectrum Hemp Oil


Canna Essentia’s Pain Salve is a whole plant extract derived from premium quality hemp plants grown in the USA. Its fast-acting formula penetrates deep within the skin and provides immediate and long-lasting relief.

  • Made using organic USA grown Hemp
  • Fast acting

Fractionated Coconut Oil, Beeswax, Broad Spectrum Hemp Oil, Eucalyptus Oil, Lavender Oil

All-natural with zero additives, Botanical extracts, 100% manufactured from USA grown Hemp, Fast acting formula, Deep penetration with long-lasting effects

Directions to Use
Rub a suitable amount on the affected area of skin and massage for a few minutes.

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Active Ingredient: broad-spectrum Hemp Oil extract, Organic aloe leaf juice, Organic coconut oil, Organic arnica flower extract, Essential oil blend, Black pepper oil

All-natural with zero additives, Botanical extracts, 100% manufactured from USA grown Hemp, Fast acting formula, Deep penetration with long-lasting effects

Directions to Use
Rub a suitable amount on the affected area of skin and massage for about 15 minutes.

What is Unique about Canna Essentia’s Pain Salve?

If you are tired of using balms and creams which only mask the pain in the short term but do nothing to provide long-term relief, switch to Canna Essentia’s Pain Salve for better and more effective results.
One of the unique products in Atlanta’s market, Canna Essentia’s Pain Salve, allows you to target specific areas in the body!

Fast-Acting Formula
Most of the over-the-counter creams for pain are too heavy or too light on the skin and take a bit longer to provide relief. However, Canna Essentia’s Pain Salve with its unique, lightweight formula offers immediate pain relief and does not feel sticky on the skin.

Long-Lasting Relief
Many pain relief creams on the market conceal the pain without providing long-term relief. As soon as the temporary effect fades, the pain returns. Canna Essentia’s Pain Salve delivers long-lasting comfort from pain and reduces swelling.

Botanical Extracts
Along with broad-spectrum hemp oil extract, Canna Essentia’s Pain Salve is rich in botanical extracts. This organically rich blend of botanicals provides instant relief from soreness and also protects the skin from within.

How Does it Work?
Contrary to hemp oil-derived edibles such as Broad-Spectrum Hemp Oil Tincture, gummies, and soft gels, Pain Salve works by targeting special receptors in the skin. These receptors send signals to the brain to relieve the specific areas from pain, inflammation, or any other external condition. However, it does not enter the bloodstream. This property allows users to benefit from pain-relieving properties without ingesting it.

Infused with broad-spectrum Hemp Oil extract and Arnica flower extract, Canna Essentia’s Pain Salve helps with bruises, inflammation, and soreness instantly!

A rich blend of botanicals also plays an essential role in relieving pain symptoms. A 2016 study confirmed the potential health benefits of pain salve to reduce pain and inflammation associated with arthritis. Black pepper oil provides instant relief by producing a warming effect on the skin. Gentle aloe and coconut oil extract nurture the skin, which works best for sensitive skin without causing any irritation.


1. How to use Pain Salve?

Canna Essentia’s Pain Salve comes with clear instructions printed on the package. Users should follow the instructions to gently massage the pain salve on the area of skin experiencing pain, inflammation, and soreness. pain salves are always meant for direct skin application.

2. How does Pain Salve affect the skin?

Our Pain Salve acts on the skin by stimulating the receptors found there. It infiltrates the top layer of skin to treat the area but does not enter the bloodstream. It does not cause any irritation to the skin. However, it is best to check the ingredients thoroughly to ensure you are not allergic to anything in the formula.

3. How much Pain Salve is needed to soothe the pain?

The topical application and amount of Pain Salve depend on the severity of pain and potency. However, reports show that the greater the pain, the more Pain Salve is required. Research is still developing to establish a relationship between hemp extracts and chronic pain.

4. Does hemp oil even work in the form of topical and pain-relieving creams?

The short answer to this question is yes. However, the time of onset of action and duration of relief varies from product to product. Canna Essentia’s Pain Salve provides instant and long-lasting comfort. In topical form, it does not enter the bloodstream but signals the brain through receptors in the skin to treat the affected areas.

5. How Does Pain Salve relieve the symptoms of arthritis?

Users suffering from arthritis have reported that Pain salve actively treats the affected areas suffering from pain, stiffness, swelling, tenderness, and decreased mobility. People using Pain Salve say their condition has improved significantly.

6. Will topical application of Pain Salve show in the drug test?

It is improbable that topical application of Pain Salve will show in a drug test. When applied topically, it only penetrates the top layer of skin. It does not enter the bloodstream, which would be required for it to show in a drug test.

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