About Us

You Deserve Better with Canna Essentia's Hemp Oil Products

Canna Essentia was founded in 2019 with a simple mission: to provide high-quality Hemp Oil products with 0% impurities while preserving the plant’s natural and beneficial compounds. Based in Atlanta, GA we are one of the largest online distributors of broad-spectrum Hemp Oil products in the USA.

Benefits of Using Hemp Oil

Original & reliable broad-spectrum Hemp Oil producers in Atlanta, GA

Canna Essentia has been tireless in its pursuit of introducing the finest quality Hemp Oil-infused products to the United States market since its inception. Adhere to FDA guidelines and all state-regulated testing protocols, we are devoted to staying ahead of the curve by utilizing cutting-edge technology for the detection and removal of pesticides, residual solvents, and microbiological contaminants.

Premium quality

Canna Essentia sources its products from U.S. grown hemp and strictly follows natural practices to ensure premium-quality Hemp Oil extract.

Third-party lab reports

Canna Essentia is committed to excellence. We provide complete proof of third-party testing by an ISO-17025 compliant lab. We also offer complete COA certification.

Our Mission

With A DREAM OF WELLNESS, Canna Essentia is aspiring to splash the global market!

At Canna Essentia, our mission is to harness the hemp plant’s innate power by filtering out all impurities and psychoactive components so we can deliver only the best and the purest Hemp Oil infused products. To fulfill this mission, we work by controlling the supply chain; from harvesting, extraction, purification, and packaging to delivering the products into your hands, we put arduous consideration into every step of the global hemp production market.

Our goal is to bring broad-spectrum hemp oil products within reach of people from all backgrounds while maintaining quality and affordability.

We have a vision to consistently upgrade and introduce new and evolving hemp oil products with the wellness and budget of customers in mind. 

Canna Essentia is Quality!

Gold standard

Canna Essentia’s broad-spectrum Hemp Oil products have set the gold standard in the U.S. hemp market, maximizing hemp effectiveness and convenient administration. 

Non-toxic & non-psychoactive

Certificate of analysis confirms that our broad-spectrum Hemp Oil products contain 0.0% harmful components, so our products are pure and safe. With zero use of industrial fertilizers, our Hemp is also free of harsh chemicals, heavy metals, and algae, ensuring the non-toxicity of our Hemp Oil extract.

Our philosophy, from seed to the sale

Relax, breathe and let nature do its thing

From tiny seeds in the ground to the full-fledged product in your hand, we own the whole process and consistently strive to make it better. Canna Essentia offers the finest and the purest hemp oil products throughout the hemp industry in the US.

What is in Canna Essentia’s broad-spectrum Hemp Oil?

Hemp extract in our products comes purely from the hemp plant that is safe. Moreover, we use a broad-spectrum variety of hemp oil extract in our products. Hence, providing all the benefits, the compounds in the hemp plant have to offer yet keeping you safe from the harm.

We pack the goodness of nature in our products!

Thanks to all these factors, you can trust Canna Essentia to provide you with the highest quality hemp, grown and harvested on our farms in Atlanta, GA. After harvesting, our hemp undergoes careful processing, CO2 extraction, and quality testing. The result is 100% rich hemp oil with 0% toxic or malignant chemicals. 

Our Process

Helping people the way nature intended!

Canna Essentia uses three different delivery systems for enhanced absorption of Hemp Oil extract.

Water-soluble nanotechnology

The Nanoemulsion process helps with the homogenization of oil into the water. The process works by breaking down the particle size of the hemp droplets to less than 100nm to ensure integrity and higher absorption. Most hemp lines deliver broad-spectrum hemp oil using an oil-based carrier, making it hard to digest and even harder to absorb. 

Fat-soluble nutrients take hours to digest. Upon disintegration to a smaller size, hemp must first go through the lymphatic system to finally enter the bloodstream. Contrary to this, water-soluble nutrients are quickly absorbed into the bloodstream through the small intestine.

Self-emulsifying nanotechnology

This system intends to deliver hemp and oil-soluble nutrients in an oil formulation. Gelatin capsules and tinctures are used to provide omega 3s in hemp seed oil and MCT oil along with broad-spectrum hemp. 

However, the system increases these ingredients’ bioavailability once they reach the stomach and are converted into nano-sized particles. A water-soluble system surrounds the oil molecules and carries the droplets from the lymphatic system into the bloodstream. 

Skin retention nanotechnology

This enhanced technology allows the nutrients to be absorbed into the skin while retaining the benefits on the outer skin. At Canna Essentia, science is the key, making us aware that not all nutrients are meant for oral administration. Some conditions demand to target the external skin. Not every ingredient can penetrate the skin’s primary barrier to reach the targeted pain receptors. 

Skin retention nanotechnology causes the skin’s fatty layer to swell and loosen, and hydrates the skin barrier at the molecular level. This allows easy transportation of nutrients from outside the skin through diffusion. Canna Essentia’s water-soluble technology aims to enhance systemic absorption.