Hemp is a plant that is well known for its mind and body supporting properties. The primary sources of hemp oil are the leaves and flowers of the plant. Hemp oil present in Canna Essentia’s products comes from the hemp plants. Many people have reported a sense of calm, relief from everyday stress, and healthier sleep cycles after using hemp products.

Broad-spectrum hemp oil products are more useful than all other products because they have all the beneficial compounds of the  plant. Full-spectrum products are the same as broad-spectrum but remove certain undesirable compounds. Isolates are pure compounds and do not have any other compound of the plant.

Hemp oil is a whole-plant extract having all the beneficial compounds of the hemp plant. In contrast, isolated extract contains only one compound in the purest and finest form.

Canna Essentia sources its hemp from hemp plants grown in the US, and is known for its high-quality hemp. We use only natural practices to grow our plants and the plants are grown organically. This ensures the high potency and effectiveness of our hemp plants.

Each soft gel comes with a predefined dosage to deliver a measured amount of hemp. Canna Essentia’s hemp oil soft gels are available in various dosages. It enables users to find the right soft gels according to their needs and strengths. Unlike oils and tinctures, soft gels are no fuss, no mess, and convenient to consume.

Hemp in broad-spectrum hemp oil soft gels interacts with the body’s special receptors, which are responsible for regulating several biological processes in the human body.

Ease of use and persistent measured dosage of hemp oil extract sets them apart from other products. It enables users to measure the precise dose they receive from each soft gel and regulate it according to their own needs. Unlike tinctures or oils, soft gels do not create any spillage or mess. With a neutral flavor, soft gels are an easy choice for users put off by the Oil’s taste.

Most users take broad-spectrum hemp oil soft gels twice daily, once in the morning after they wake up and once in the night before they go to sleep. However, it varies from person to person. It also depends upon how much dosage you want to get according to your individual needs.

Usually, broad-spectrum hemp oil soft gels take one to two hours to take effect. Individual results may vary depending upon the dosage and frequency of ingestion.

FDA has not approved broad-spectrum hemp oil softgels for any pain specifically. However, many users experience an improvement in their pain symptoms. However, Canna Essentia does not endorse any such claims. We always recommend proper research to determine your specific needs

Hemp oil gummies are delicious and conveniently deliver your daily dose of broad-spectrum hemp oil. Canna Essentia’s edibles come with a pre-defined dose and are easy to administer. They come in several different flavors. However, ideal gummies are additive-free with organic ingredients and natural flavors.

This isn’t easy to generalize as there are wide varieties of hemp oil gummies available. Proper dosage varies from person to person and should be carefully considered. Some products work best when taken all at once; some work in smaller doses over some time. The best approach is to start slow, see if your body tolerates it well, and slowly work your way up to find your perfect dosage.

Canna Essentia’s Hemp Oil Gummies usually take one to two hours before producing considerable effects. However, the onset of action varies according to each gummy’s dosage and a person’s unique biochemistry. Be sure to experiment to find out what works best for you.

Generally, the effects of hemp oil gummies last for about four to six hours. However, this again varies depending upon the dose’s size, the hemp content in the gummies, a person’s strength, stamina, and several other factors.

Daily intake of gummies improves hemp oil and hemp extract’s effectiveness as it stimulates the receptors, which produce an enhanced response to hemp. If you choose hemp oil gummies as your primary hemp source, it is highly recommended to take them daily.

Canna Essentia’s Pain Salve comes with clear instructions printed on the package. Users should follow the instructions to gently massage the pain salve on the area of skin experiencing pain, inflammation, and soreness. Pain salves are always meant for direct skin application.

Our Pain Salve acts on the skin by stimulating the receptors found there. It infiltrates the top layer of skin to heal the area but does not enter the bloodstream. It does not cause any irritation to the skin. However, it is best to check the ingredients thoroughly to ensure you are not allergic to anything in the formula.

The topical application and amount of Pain Salve depend on the severity of pain and potency. However, reports show that the greater the pain, the more Pain Salve is required. Research is still developing to establish a relationship between hemp extracts and chronic pain.

The short answer to this question is yes. However, the time of onset of action and duration of relief varies from product to product. Canna Essentia’s Pain Salve provides instant and long-lasting comfort. In the topical form, it does not enter the bloodstream but signals the brain through receptors in the skin to heal the affected areas.

It is improbable that topical application of Pain Salve will show in a drug test. When applied topically, it only penetrates the top layer of skin. It does not enter the bloodstream, which would be required for it to show in a drug test.

A lot of hemp consumers love hemp’s benefits and the entourage effect. However, they want to avoid the side effects. Canna Essentia’s broad-spectrum Hemp Oil tincture is custom-made to serve this purpose. It offers all the benefits of Hemp’s compounds in its broad-spectrum capacity with zero traces of impurities or harmful components.

Our hemp oil tincture comes with a dropper to measure and dose hemp oil. Canna Essentia’s Hemp oil tincture is placed under the tongue and held there for about thirty seconds before swallowing. Sublingual capillaries are directly linked to the bloodstream, which enhances absorption and effectiveness.

Canna Essentia’s Hemp Oil Tincture works by targeting neurological receptors. Hemp Oil Tincture explicitly targets the receptors within the nervous system, which regulates pain perception, emotional wellbeing, cognitive abilities, and sleep and immune response, among other things. The ingestion method through capillaries beneath the tongue allows hemp in broad-spectrum Hemp Oil Tincture to reach the brain unhindered.

A hemp plant contains hundreds of compounds, many of which positively affect the body’s overall wellbeing. Broad-spectrum Hemp Oil Tincture combines hemp with the hemp plant’s other compounds. These chemicals together produce a distinct, pleasurable response in the body, known as the entourage effect.

Although hemp in Hemp Oil tincture affects everyone differently, it has been seen that hemp does not cause any major side effects. Some reports suggest that it can cause mild diarrhea, fatigue, change in weight & appetite. However, Canna Essentia’s Broad-spectrum Hemp Oil tincture is entirely non-toxic and does not produce negative side effects in most users.