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Rated by 4 9/5 by 1234 Happy Customers

Full Spectrum Hemp Oil-1500

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Rich in phytochemicals, our Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil provides ultimate pain relief and improves your sleep cycle and overall wellness. Whether you’re tired from day-to-day activities, facing pain due to severe injury, or are unable to sleep properly, this organic product will solve all your problems!

  • Promotes a Healthy Slееp Cycle with No Next-Day Grogginess
  • Its Calming Effect Helps You to Cope with Daily Stress
  • Soothes Sore and Tired Muscles and Joints
  • Promotes Overall Well-Being
  • Fast Acting & Effective Formula


“I bought this little bottle to help me uplift my mood during a stressful life period and improve my sleeping pattern. It really contributed to it and is quite effective too. I highly recommend it!”

Olivia     ★★★★★



Your Path to a Better and Healthier Life

No more pain and sleepless nights. Follow these 3 steps to lead a normal and happy life.

1 Order

Select the desired product’s quantity and place an order.

2 Delivery

As soon as you place an order, we will process and deliver your order. Usually, it takes us 2-3 working days to deliver an order to your doorsteps.

3 Benefit

From extraction to the manufacturing of the end product, we follow an ultra-careful quality control & testing regimen to ensure our hemp oil tincture’s highest attributes and effectiveness.

How Does it Work?

Here’s how our high-quality hemp oil tincture solves your pain, stress, anxiety, and sleeping issues.

Targets the Receptors

Hemp oil works by targeting specific receptors in the body.

Sending the Signals to the Brain

These receptors send signals to the brain to soothe specific areas from pain, inflammation, or other conditions, including improved sleep time.

Doesn’t Diffuse into Blood Stream

The Hemp oil doesn’t enter the bloodstream, allowing you to benefit from Hemp’s pain-relieving properties. Since it’s sublingual, put it beneath the tongue and hold it to get absorbed.


Full Spectrum Hemp Oil-1500

Natural Hemp Oil for All Your Body Pain and Wellness Solutions

Our Hemp oil helps you with various ailments, as it’s enriched with natural organic compounds, phytocannabinoid, terpenes, and more. 

Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil

No High



100% Organic Hemp

Instant Relief 


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Your Search for High-End Full Spectrum CBD Oil Ends Here!

Full Spectrum Oil Hemp Oil for Potent Effect

Full-Spectrum contains hundreds of compounds that work together to increase the oil’s overall effectiveness. We use the latest extraction techniques to acquire a complete range of organic and safe hemp oil and remove THC so you can use it without getting it on your nerves.

  • Maximum Absorption
  • Rich in Minerals, Vitamin E, and Terpinols
  • Contains Anti-oxidant & Anti-inflammatory Properties
  • Purely Extracted from the Hemp

  • Balanced Ingredients of Omega 6 and 3 in 3:1

Here’s How We Manufacture Hemp Oil

Manufacturing quality full-spectrum requires detailed attention to each step. Our experts carefully carry out the whole process to extract, manufacture, test, and pack the right product for you!

  • Farming

We extract hemp oil from 100% organic USA Grown Hemp to ensure quality and effectiveness. We find the best plants during farming and secure the strains to preserve oil quality.

  • Extraction

We use solventless CO2 extraction to make our full-spectrum oil free from harmful chemicals or additives. In addition, the nutrients of the terpenes or cannabinoids are fully blended into the oil to ensure maximum absorption.

  • Manufacturing

We follow strict FDA-approved practices and ensure quality control & testing regimen to provide you with hemp oil tincture that offers ultimate pain relief and improves your sleep time. We go above and beyond for customer satisfaction!

Rated by 4 9/5 by 1234 Happy Customers



Here’s what our customers have to say about our products.


“Amazing product. I have tried full spectrum oil from different brands, but this one showed great results.”


“High-quality oil served well for my anxiety and stress issues. Great customer service. Looking forward to buying again!”


“I bought this little bottle to help me uplift my mood during a stressful life period and improve my sleeping pattern. It really contributed to it and is quite effective too. I highly recommend it!”



Read the FAQ Guide to Learn More

1. What are the different methods of extraction for full-spectrum oil?

Common extraction methods include CO2 extraction, ethanol, butane, or hexane extraction.

2. What is full-spectrum oil used for?

Full-spectrum oil deals with multiple health issues like treating aches and pains. It promotes the sleep cycle, relaxes the mind, and reduces anxiety and insomnia.

3. Is full-spectrum hemp oil better than CBD oil?

It depends on the purpose for which you are using the oil. However, full-spectrum hemp oil has more nutritious value than CBD oil, which contains CBD.

4. What does full-spectrum mean in Hemp?

Full-spectrum Hemp oil contains naturally occurring compounds extracted from Hemp plants, including CBD, 100+ cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids.

5. Is full-spectrum hemp oil safe to use?

Yes, it is safe to use. But you have to consider the oil potency, as higher potent hemp oil might contain some level of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) that might be harmful.

Rated by 4 9/5 by 1234 Happy Customers

Full Spectrum Hemp Oil – 1500 mg

Was £14.99

Now £9.99

SAVE 10%

If you are looking for a premium quality full-spectrum hemp oil, this one is for you! Our hemp oil includes the following features:

  • 100% Manufactured from USA Grown Hemp
  • Fast Acting Formula
  • Free from Harmful Additives

  • Deep Penetration with Long-Lasting Relief
  • 10X Better Absorption        


Rated by 4 9/5 by 1234 Happy Customers

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