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  • Broad-Spectrum Hemp Oil Softgels with Melatonin


    Volume: 30 count jar

    The goodness of nature packed in tiny capsules; Canna Essentia’s soft gels are all the rage!

    • Non-toxic
    • Non-Psychoactive
    • Organic
    • CO2 Extracted Hemp Oil
    • From USA Grown Hemp
    • Fast-acting

    The human body requires active mobility to work at an optimal level. However, in today’s modern lifestyle, staying active and healthy is harder to achieve. Canna Essentia’s soft gels fit well with today’s busy lifestyle. Completely vegan and non-toxic, our liquid-filled soft gels are a great addition to your daily supplement regimen.

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  • Natural Fruit-Flavored Gummies – Gentle Formula


    Welcome to a delightful sensory experience with our Natural Fruit-Flavored Gummies. Each gummy offers a burst of natural fruit flavors, crafted to complement your lifestyle with a touch of nature’s sweetness.

    Key Features:

    • Gentle Formula: A thoughtful blend of natural ingredients.
    • Natural Fruit Flavors: Enjoy the essence of lemon, grape, and orange in every bite.
    • Focus on Quality: Carefully prepared to ensure a consistently premium experience.
    • Ethical Sourcing: Made using organically sourced ingredients.
    • Eco-Friendly Process: CO2 extraction for a clean and green approach.
    • Purely Natural: No artificial colors, flavors, or sweeteners; completely non-GMO.

    Packaging Details:

    • Jar contains 30 naturally flavored gummies, perfect for daily enjoyment.


    • A fusion of natural fruit flavors and colors, combined with our gentle formula.

    Indulge in the natural goodness of our Wellness Gummies, crafted for those who appreciate the simple pleasures of life.

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